Web Application Development

Web Application Development

IAMVenture has developed new mission critical web applications, as well as enhancing and maintaining applications developed by third parties.

Our customers find that the enhanced automation, improved information retrieval, and usability of our applications contribute to effective and productive operations, as well as provide the revenue enhancements and cost reductions that originally motivated the project.

Whether your planned development project is large or small, IAMVenture will follow the same proven strategies to ensure that your mission critical web application is successful.

The Process

Our process begins with a Requirement Analysis for the purpose of developing functional requirement and technical specifications.

At the beginning of the specification phase, our development team implements a database and coding of your application. Your application may require data migration from a legacy system. We are skilled at extracting, transforming and loading your data into a new database.

IAMVenture continually integrates and tests completed application elements on a development platform. Supporting staff test software features on a staging platform, which is shared with client stakeholders to validate requirements and obtain acceptance for production readiness. The final development step is the application's deployment to the production site. Following an agile project model, the deployment can occur in iterations, at the discretion of the customer.

At this point, even though your application's development has been completed, IAMVenture's job may not be done. We will still be available to enhance your application, its reporting functionality, or the platform on which it runs.