Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

“Fewer than half of all US Business have websites or advertise on the net, Nelson Online reports, even though most consumers search online for local shops and services before picking up the phone or leaving the house.” — Bloomberg Business Week

Search engine optimization is significant in today's ever-growing World Wide Web. There are many benefits a successful Search Engine Optimization Company can bring to a business that can utilize the web to increase revenue. Among other things, a strategic search engine optimization campaign can lead to more qualified visitors to your web site. This will then convert to increased revenue results for your business. 

IAM Directs approach is from an advisor standpoint. We work closely with our clients to ensure maximum visibility on the Search Engines during the search engine optimization process. Some of the common suggestions to enhance our efforts is to make sure that you've established search engine friendly content for your pages - that leverages the key functions of your business; that you have established conversion friendly web design also known as Landing Page Optimization to convert qualified prospects; that you have established link popularity to help drive cross-traffic to your web site, and that your website is manually submitted to the major search engines.

10 Steps to Successful Search Engine Optimization

1. Keyword Analysis

We do extensive research about your business and competitors to determine what your best keywords and call-to-actions are and what market you should target (local, regional, national or international).

2. Refine Keywords

We provide you with our “best keywords” list and allow you to review, add, and remove keywords…refining the list to your top keywords.

3. On-Page SEO

We embed your best keywords into your website content, meta tags, title tags, etc. Thus, ensuring the on-page SEO is done correctly.

4. Call-To-Actions

We make sure your call-to-actions are easy to identify throughout your website which will help with conversion rate optimization (CRO) and lower your bounce rate.

5. Submit To Search Engines

Once the On-Page SEO is complete and the call-to-actions are in place we’ll submit your site to the major search engines like Google and Bing to insure your site is indexed quickly and correctly.

6. Off-Page SEO

We’ll begin the Off-Page SEO campaign including link building, press releases, social media marketing, maps optimization, and more to help your site reach to the top on search.

7. Paid Search Management

We’ll build your ad copy and landing pages (approved by you) for paid search and being tracking performance on your PPC campaign based on your daily spend.

8. Fresh Content

We’ll have our team of content writers regularly post new unique content to your website through your blog, news page, or other, so search engines regard your site and relevant as fresh.

9. Reporting and Consultations

We’ll send you monthly reports and have monthly phone consultations to review your progress and performance. Note, you’ll have a primary IAMDirect marketing expert assigned to your business. Someone you can call or email anytime. You can also log into your analytics account to review your website traffic stats at anytime (the monthly report is sent to you via email).

10. Review, Research, and Refine

We constantly review your keywords rankings, conversion rates, bounce rate and other traffic stats, and overall ROI (marketing spend to sales) to determine if changes need to be made to improve your SEO Marketing campaign.

Correctly achieving and maintaining all 10 steps above on a monthly basis can be costly and time consuming for businesses to do on their own. Hiring a professional SEO Marketing company like IAMDirect will not only save a great deal of time, but save a tremendous amount of money. That way, you can spend the extra time and money doing what you do best…running your businesses. We have the process, people, and tools to get you on page one of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.