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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Design
Converting website visitors into customers

Landing Page Optimization is a form of cognitive psychology. The most effective search engine marketing landing pages consider how a user responds to certain incentives, whether it is the design/structure of the page, the images used, the written text, or the structure and type of data collected by your forms. The goal is to supervise the thinking of the user.

Each business has a unique user audience so testing multiple landing pages and the variables that they will respond most positively to is essential. There are many tools we can use for testing, one being Omniture, which supports A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing. A/B testing isolates a page element and tests between two variations . Multivariate testing allows you to test many page elements simultaneously.

A landing page is different from your websites home page. A home page contains general information about your company and the products/services you offer. A Landing Page has specific information about a particular product/service you offer and it's only goal is to make a sale, generate a lead, etc. You don't want a user responding to a pay per click campaign about a particular offer to become distracted or confused by the other information you have on your homepage.

Most consumers visit your website because they have searched for specific keywords on the major search engines and have viewed your natural search ranking description or your paid sponsorship advertisement. In either case this consumer is highly interested in your product or service offering, but what's preventing them from purchasing or filling out a request form?

IAM Directs' Landing Page Optimization services uses a proven methodology for understanding your clients, their buying motivations, and how they move through and interact with your website.

A 2007 survey of online marketing specialists shows that landing page design and optimization are the most important elements of a PPC campaigns. An ecommerce website converts on average 2.2% of its visitors into actual clients or leads.

Any and all Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization Campaign should include and aggresive Landing Page Optimization Strategy. Landing Page Optimization will help you remove any agitations; visitors might come across as they move towards conversion. The result: better conversion.

Landing Page Optimization Process

  1. Determine the page objective - What is it? What is the most effective way to accomplish the objective?
  2. Review Metrics - What are people clicking and missing? What is the click-through rate?
  3. Review the history of the page through testing
  4. Establish the context (Review the page in its path from ad to final action) - Which page element leads to highest profit?
  5. Review Competitors' Landing Pages - What are they doing right and wrong?
  6. Conduct Evaluation of Motivation - Construct Channel Map (Nature and Magnitude of Demand)
  7. Conduct evaluation of Value Proposition - Identify and communicate an effective Value Proposition
  8. Conduct evaluate Friction, Incentive and Anxiety - Minimize Friction, Overcome remaining Friction with Incentives, Identify sources of Anxiety and Over-correct
  9. Draft the comps - Photoshop, snag it
  10. Submit comps for Peer Review
  11. Test comps - Design tests using MEC Test Protocol, begin the iterative testing process

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