Database Development

Database Development

A customized data management system can revolutionize your business' effectiveness, productivity, and processes. At IAMVenture, we are experts in designing such systems intelligently built around your unique business needs.

We specialize in the broad selection of SQL Server editions and related schema design, object-relational mapping tools and maintenance utilities. We have also implemented and supported applications based on Microsoft Access, Microsoft FoxPro and MySQL.

Our database consulting and development services operate in various development contexts including, but not limited to: web applications, web services, winforms applications, SharePoint solutions, Microsoft Office integration, and business intelligence solutions.

Our Approach

Reliable and timely information drives better business decisions. Such information is often derived from heterogeneous data sources, such as transactional data from mission critical software applications, contact management systems, departmental applications, data from the company website, and even Excel spreadsheets.

Operationally, organizations depend on their transactional and analytical data solutions. Today's businesses, of all sizes, understand that the secure deployment and management of databases are no less critical than the infrastructure and organization of the actual data. Therefore, data should be carefully secured and maintained, transparent, unified, accurate and organized to fully support the company mission.

To this end, an appropriate database toolset should be selected that supports schema design, methods of access, data manipulation, data migration, and transactional logging. Data backup and recovery strategies should be put in place, and should include disaster recovery and continuity planning. The selection of tools should be based on the scale of the mission.

With the appropriate tools, practices, and processes in place, transactional and analytical data can be used to take control of your business, generate revenue and reduce waste.