Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are a fantastic addition to your IT infrastructure if designed, implemented and managed correctly.

In its simplest terms, the cloud is ‘IT-as-a-service’. Rather than building your own IT infrastructure to host databases or software, a third party, such as Central Technology, hosts them on large, specifically designed servers. You then use the service like a utility and pay for what you use, with regular predictable operational expenditure.

Central Technology Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Email
  • Citrix ShareFile

 Key Benefits

  • Businesses can outsource the maintenance burden of servers and/or applications
  • Scale systems up or down on demand, with consumption billed as a utility with minimal upfront costs
  • Access data 24/7 from any location worldwide with an internet connection
  • Access a huge range of applications without having to download or install anything
  • Companies can use resources in one place
  • Pooling resources into a cloud consolidates energy use, saving your business money!

Here at IAMVenture, we developed our Cloud Solutions to provide existing customers with the optimum solution for their IT infrastructure, utilising the technology we use in our own systems. We consider it vital to retain full control of any solution offered to enable us to provide a full implementation and management service, with no middlemen. We continually invest in our own Cloud infrastructure and do not operate as a reseller of Cloud Services. This ensures our client’s data is safe and secure and reduces any downtime caused by a system failure.