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About IAMVenture

Spot Opportunity, Seize Opportunity

2005 was a big year for IAMVenture—our birth year. Being part of the infancy stages of the internet and working with companies at their beginning stages such as Overture and Google Adwords, IAMVenture’s founder Rey Colon began to realize that small- and medium-sized businesses needed and wanted to get online, but were too overwhelmed with all the technical jargon and complexities that came with running an online marketing campaign.

And so IAMVenture was created. With vast experience and knowledge in online marketing, IAMVenture’s founder was able to take the guesswork out of online advertising and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for small businesses.

Looking forward, IAMVenture’s main goal is to continue helping businesses forge ahead in the world of digital marketing and branding. With our talent, technology, and solutions, we believe IAMVenture will become the household name in small-business online advertising.

It's all about the customer

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Customer Testimonial

Rey and his team have shown us nothing but professionalism and his work is of the highest caliber. He sat down with us and held our hand thru the whole process of our marketing efforts and explained everything as it was. This allowed us to make a diligent decision and he has lived up to his reputation

Dennis - AmeriPlan